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Used Office Furniture 

Office Design Services in Phoenix, AZ

In your office space, you only have so much space to work with. To keep it organized and allow employees their own space, investing in cubicles and workstations is often the most cost-effective idea. But previously owned office furniture can help you save even more.

At Arizona Office Solutions, we provide quality pre-owned cubicles and workstations so you can get what you need for your business at a reasonable price. When you need office space planning services in Phoenix, AZ, let us help you find the best office furniture for your space.

Friendly, Accommodating Services

We offer a few workstation options so you can find what works best for your office. If you need something simple, try call center stations for a basic cubicle setup. Or, if your employees need more privacy and space while they work, we also have more secluded cubicles. Some of our workstations also have storage available, from small drawers to five-foot cabinets.

Our cubicles range from $200 to $725, and once you choose a type of workstation, our office design services team can easily install your office furniture however you want it.

At Arizona Office Solutions, we strive to always provide dependable office design services in Phoenix, AZ. Browse our previously used cubicles and workstations below, and if you have any questions, give us a call at 480-622-2923.